A Complete Review of the Brain Training for Dogs Online Course

The hardest thing for any pet parent is to have someone point out issues with their beloved pooch. “Your dog barks too much” or “Your dog chased my kid around the park yesterday!”; you never want to hear that, do you?

Of course, you want a well-behaved pet, and of course, you do your best despite having your hands full. But do you still feel that taking your dog on long walks or playing with him till he gets tired is not working enough? Do you notice some patterns of behavior that are down-right frustrating?

Well, the solution might lie in suitable online dog training for your pooch. But before we talk about any online dog training program, let’s understand why your dog might need any training at all.

Online Dog Training

You see, dogs are intelligent creatures. Besides physical activity and good food, they need mental stimulation as well. What most pet parents miss out on is actively engaging their furball’s brain.

Just like it is with kids, a mentally well-stimulated dog is a well-behaved dog.

The absence of the same leaves significant energy untapped and creates room for strange behavior patterns like incessant barking, jumping, gnawing, and extreme excitement, that can quickly get out of hand. 

Paws for thought: With dogs-related laws as strict as they are in Ireland, excessive barking is a penalizable offense. And an out-of-control dog in a public place is a sure shot invitation to on-the-spot fines as high as €30. Now that is motivation enough to think of some practical (and pocket friendly!) ways to train your dog.

The good news is that online dog training is not that difficult, no matter what the age. Even if you did not start early, there are some great programs like the Brain Training For Dogs by Adrienne Farricelli that offer the perfect solution to your dog’s specific behavioral issue and much more. Here is a complete review of how this program works and why it is the perfect plan to deal with common behavioral issues that pet parents face.

Who is Adrienne Farricelli?

Adrienne Farricelli, the creator of this online dog training module, is a CPDT-KA trainer in the United States. She is one of the most trusted trainers globally, with top reviews, articles published in magazines like USA Today, and hundreds of satisfied customers worldwide.

Her online dog training philosophy is simple. Training should be force-free, kind, and science-based. And that is what lies at the core of everything she offers through the Brain Training For Dogs course.

What is Brain Training For Dogs?

There are many online dog training programs out there that make use of punishment to teach specific behaviors to dogs. Of course, they work. Dogs want to avoid punishment and will, therefore, obey. However, the result is that your dog will hate new tasks or training and will even develop low self-esteem over time. 

Online Dog Training program

The Brain Training for Dogs Online Dog Training module, on the other hand, uses positive reinforcement like treats along with loads of hugs and kisses for your doggo. It features fun brain games and obedience skills that make the whole learning process faster. 

According to an article published in The Irish Times, much research-based insight has gone into how brain training can effectively train your dog, irrespective of age.  

Paws for thought: Training time should be fun for you and your dog. With positive reinforcement, your dog listens to you actively and learns faster, too. So, it is a win-win for both of you.

What Do You Get When You Sign Up?

Unsure of how you can train your dog through online instructions? Well, most dog owners are apprehensive about online dog training programs. However, The Brain Training for Dogs module has an exciting approach that will put these thoughts to rest. With a nominal one-time fee, you get access to two e-books:

Essential Online Dog Training

Additionally, you get 21 videos that demonstrate how to complete all the exercises successfully. The program is exceptionally easy-to-follow and implement.

Adrienne Farricelli has developed these training games after over a decade’s experience in dog behavior and training.

When you first enter the website, you also get access to one free game and some articles. So, you get to test the waters a little before you invest. The 'Airplane Game', for instance, is usually the one available to try out. 

Paws for thought: If you are a beginner, start by reading the Behavior Training For Dogs book first. It offers you a basic understanding of dog behavior, which makes teaching obedience skills easier.

Does it Really Work?

Online Dog Training tips

What makes this online dog training module click is the organized format. Your beloved pooch begins with 'Pre-school' obedience skills and moves up to 'College' level obedience skills. It teaches you a great way to lay a foundation and work your way up to games that teach skills that can be lifesaving.

For instance, the ‘Open Sesame’ game in the College module is exciting and fun for teaching your dog patience and resilience.

This program uses no force to make your dog more willing to participate in the training session. Therefore, it works quite well as long as you take your time with the exercises and tasks at hand. 

The time commitment with these exercises is also low. All you need is 15-20 minutes of your day. So, even if you are a busy pet parent, you will not have any trouble staying consistent. 

Paws for thought: Even if your dog knows the basic obedience skills and commands like “Sit” or “Stay,” don’t skip them. Revisiting these skills is a great way to improve the response from your doggo. Plus, it gives you a chance to provide more positive reinforcement that your pooch will love!

Why Should You Give It A Shot?

The Brain Training For Dogs program takes care of one crucial area — mental stimulation. Through it, several behavior issues like barking or hyperactivity reduce considerably.

Online Dog Training Classes

Besides, it focuses on developing your pet's skills to listen and obey commands. As a result, at the end of the course, you feel more confident to take your pet to public places.

The course is good learning for the pet parent as well. It teaches you how to maintain control so that your dog always has positive interactions with strangers and other pets.

Paws for thought: In Ireland, just an hour of group online dog training, starts at €45 per dog. Imagine the pull on your purse strings if you opted for personalized sessions over a month. On the other hand, the whole ‘The Brain Training For Dogs’ is available to you for just $40 (€33 approximately) and it comes with several freebies too. Now that’s what we call a great bargain!

Why Does It Not Work For Some People?

Two common mistakes do not get pet owners the result they expect: 

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Paws for thought: Cases of extreme aggression are exceptional scenarios where you might consider seeking one-on-one professional consultation.

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